Our house types:

Courtyard Terraces


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  • Courtyard Terraces all have their own private courtyard and open out onto a green common.
  • They are available in 3-4 bedrooms with several featuring a loft above the garage, perfect for a home office, spare room or extra storage.
  • If you are looking for something more architectural, take a look at these.
  • From $739,000 - $769,000

  • Loft option from $819,000

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Executive Homes


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  • Freestanding 4-5 bedroom Executive Homes are ideal for professionals or families.
  • They are low maintenance with rear access and all come with a private enclosed fully landscaped courtyard.
  • Some feature a loft above the garage,a perfect room for a teenager, office or extra storage.
  • From $830,000 - $850,000

  • Loft option from $895,000 - $945,000 

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Garden Homes


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  • Perfect for families and classical in style, these low maintenance 4 bedroom Garden Homes are available in a variety of layouts to suit.
  • Complete with a private back
    yard they are perfect for entertaining or playing with the kids.
  • From $850,000

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Single Level Homes

  • Exciting new product provides spacious living for families young and old.
  • Generous sized bedrooms and private rear yard for entertaining or an active family.
  • 3-4 bedroom architecturally designed homes.
  • From $830,000 - $850,000

  • Design & Build from - $750,000 - $855,000

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Addison master plan and stage maps

Overall master plan


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  • 80 hectares located in Takanini.
  • 1500 residential homes including a town centre.
  • Master Planned development with a focus on creating a sustainable community through clustering homes around common areas, creating walkable neighbourhoods.
  • Recognised by the Ministry for the Enviroment as an urban design best practice.
  • 40% open space consisting of walkways, commons and linear parks.
  • Adjacent to Bruce Pulman Park– over 55 hectares of recreational and leisure facilities.
  • CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) principles – landscape design maximises privacy at the same time as it eliminates potentially unsafe areas.



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  • The first two stages of development Addison Commons and Addison Parkside totalling 273 homes was completed in 2008.
  • All of the homes in the first two stages have been sold and have people living in them.

Addison Gardens


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  • The development of the next stage The Gardens is completed. Construction of the 201 homes that will make up this stage is well underway.
  • The housing for The Gardens is a mix of attached and detached 3 to 5 bedroom product, with a mix of street-front garaging and rear loaded garages, accessed from private laneways.
  • A feature of some of these homes is the inclusion of a separate loft unit above the garage.
  • This stage has new homes for sale.

Addison Avenues


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  • The next stage of development called The Avenues consists 254 homes with house construction underway.
  • The Avenues is located next to a 130 acre park.
  • As the name suggests the stage layout is based on strong, wide avenues extending from the park between the houses, providing a more formal layout than in other stages.
  • The housing planned for The Avenues is a mix of attached and detached 3 to 5 bedroom product.
  • The stage now also has new homes for sale