Community Surroundings

We place great importance on community, and it shows in the neighbourhoods we create.



A long-term approach

The McConnell Property design team have taken a long-term approach with the Addison master plan, which means as the common areas become more established, Addison will get better with age. The Ministry for the Environment agree, Addison has been recognised by them as an example of best practice.

Master planning

Master planning is an urban design concept and in the case of Addison, has created a distinctive and vibrant neighbourhood. The Addison master plan was created by award-winning urban designers who favoured community, security and park-like open spaces. Residents love the common park areas and the friendly atmosphere Addison offers.


Creates a great lifestyle

With the master planned park areas, tree-lined streets and secure layout, residents agree that Addison offers the classic indoor/outdoor kiwi lifestyle. The neighbourhood also sits right next to Bruce Pulman park and with tramping, beaches, farms and vineyards all within easy distance, the surrounding areas have plenty to offer.

Generates higher values

Studies show houses in neighbourhoods based on master planning like Addison, enjoy premiums over their more conventional counterparts. This is true for Addison with home owners seeing an increase in their average house price and higher values over houses in surrounding area.


Protecting value

Design guidelines ensure stylish homes, clever use of space and sunnier living areas. The guidelines are there to protect the value of your neighbourhood and your home. Also because Addison has Covenants and is maintained and managed by an Incorporated Society, it will stay clean, well maintained and inviting.


Relax with children

Most homes overlook or are near a common area or park, increasing neighbourhood interaction and awareness. Children are encouraged to play in this outdoor environment within full view of their parents. "Timothy didn't want a big section - he wanted to be out on his bike with his friends. He's totally safe within Addison. We can see him and our neighbours can see him. It's great." - Addison Resident.

Park areas

The parks and community commons in Addison provide the perfect environment for getting together and an attractive outlook for the surrounding homes. The common areas keep the whole neighbourhood open unlike other suburbs where houses are crammed together. "There's a real contrast between Botany Downs and Richardson Park - they are just houses in rows, there's no allowance made for a community feel." - Addison Resident

Wide open spaces

Addison is situated next to Bruce Pulman park’s 130 acres of parks and fields, world class gym, recreation centre, team sports facilities, five rugby fields, 28 netball courts and two cricket ovals. Tree-lined pathways connect Bruce Pulman Park and the numerous parks and green commons within Addison.


Addison uses crime prevention through environmental design principles CPTED, which were developed in Canada. This reduces the need for a front fence or gate while increasing security. The omission of high front fences at Addison aids with security whilst contributing to a feeling of open space. People can see each other coming and going and say hello.